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Our Tamside Hedgehog Home Giveaway!


Helping our nations hedgehogs is an important task and there is a whole variety of changes you can make to your garden to help these intelligent mammals. To discover these tips and easy to follow practices, check out our Helping Hedgehogs pages.

However, if you live in the Tameside area of greater Manchester you can help Alexander Howson and wildlife one in an even bigger way…

This autumn we’re giving away 120 hedgehog Holmes completely free! Putting one of these small hibernation boxes into your garden can provide a hedgehog with safe place to over winter. In giving them an environment which is safe from disturbance and predators, you can help our drive to boost the hedgehog population in the Tameside area. Built by local collages, volunteers and Alex Howson, these small boxes can be customized by your kids, nestled away in your garden and used to encourage wildlife in your area.

Each one of our box is made of marine grade plywood and has a rubberised base and roof to keep your garden visitors dry all winter long.  Simply email us at wildlife one to get your free hedgehog home, don’t forget to tell us you live in Tameside, and please leave a description of your garden and where you plan on putting your hedgehog box.

What we need from you…

All our Hedgehog Holmes are complete free and all in the purpose of our charity drive to boost the local hedgehog population in our area. However, to make sure that these Holmes are being used in the best places possible, there are a few rules.


Garden Rules.

  • Firstly, hedgehogs must be able to travel for food, as such your garden cannot be completely sealed by fencing, etc. Consider making a whole (4inches wide) in you fencing to make access possible.
  • Secondly, you cannot own any cats or dogs. As much as we love our furry companions, they pose a major risk to hedgehogs.
  • Finally, You can’t be planning any renovations or big construction works. Too much disturbance can cause undue stress to our hibernating hedgehogs. As a result, this can make them ill or possibly even kill them.


Think you fit the bill? Get in touch to arrange your drop off as soon as possible. Hedgehogs in your area could be looking for a home! All emails are replied to within 72 hours.

What’s included?

1 x hand built hedgehog box.

A supply of hay to provide bedding and warmth for a hibernating hedgehog.

A guide to helping a hedgehog hibernate.

Free delivery.


Click now to apply for your Free Hog Home!

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