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Our Mission



  • We distributed 200 Free Hedgehog homes to the Tameside area
  • Over 2,000 Garden care leaflets were also shared across Tameside.
  • Plans were put in place to extend the Tameside Hedgehog drive to a regional area.


  • A growing list of schools have now signed up to the the Greater Manchester Hedgehog Drive.
  •  Wildlife One is now aiming to distribute over 1,000 hedgehog homes by November 2020.
  • We are now in touch with several councils and are negotiating the reduction of pesticides in publicly owned green spaces.

Our nations Hedgehog population has been in decline for past few decades. The RSPCA, the hedgehog preservation society and several other bodies are all offering advice, emergency services and aid to our hedgehog population.  This can consist of anything from educational services to caring for sick and injured hedgehogs.

These organisations do this so well that we wanted to help the hedgehogs in another way. At wildlife one, we wanted to make a difference on local scale. Aiming to target and help hedgehogs practically, in a way that wasn’t being done.

What we settled on is a hedgehog home giveaway, building program and information distribution, which aims to to boost the population of the hedgehogs in Greater Manchester and help them survive the winter. All too often, hedgehogs settle for hibernation in unsuitable areas which are then disturbed by human activity or by predators.  In providing suitable accommodation, which is placed in safe area, won’t be disturbed and is built to withstand the investigatory advances of predators, we believe we can improve the survival rate of Hedgehogs in the Manchester area.

We are also embarking on campaign to reduce the amount of pesticides used in gardens, local parks and grass verges.


Alexander S. Howson

Alexander S. Howson is a naturalist and nature writer.

Along with a heavy interest in Aquatics, birds and ecology. Alexander now directs a large deal of energy attempting to re-educate the public about aquatics and promoting the conservation of a range of wildlife species.

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