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Our Hedgehog Mission

Our nations Hedgehog population has been in decline for past few decades. The RSPCA, the hedgehog preservation society and several other bodies are all offering advice, emergency services and aid to our hedgehog population.  This can consist of anything from educational services to caring for sick and injured hedgehogs.

These organisations do this so well that we wanted to help the hedgehogs in another way. At wildlife one, we wanted to make a difference on local scale. Aiming to target and help hedgehogs practically, in a way that wasn’t being done.

What we settled on is a hedgehog home giveaway, which aims to to help the hedgehogs in the Tameside area of Greater Manchester survive the winter. All too often, hedgehogs settle for hibernation in unsuitable areas which are then disturbed by human activity or by predators.  In providing suitable accommodation, which is placed in safe area, won’t be disturbed and is built to withstand the investigatory advances of predators, we believe we can improve the survival rate of Hedgehogs in the Tameside area.

Therefore, wildlife one, Alex Howson and a team of volunteers spent two weeks during the summer months slowly building 120 hedgehog home. These are to be given away to for free to members of the Tameside community. To apply for your free hedgehog home, simply visit our Tamside Hedgehog giveaway page and use to contact form.

15th of October 2019 update – Our Hedgehog Homes have been steadily going out over the past few weeks. We now have 85 left. Get in touch now….

5th of November 2019 Update – Last month was a few weeks. We’ve delivered 43 hedgehog homes to people in the Tameside area. As a result, there is 43 homes left.

22nd of November 2019 update – The past two weeks have been a bit slower and we’ve dropped off 13 boxes. However, there is still 29 boxes left. The good news is that people are still reporting seeing hedgehogs active. We’re thinking that the lack of any really cold weather  has delayed their hibernation. Get in touch soon…

Making a difference

During early months of 2019, we conducted a study which sampled the density of the hedgehog population throughout the Tameside area.

While any precise numbers were out of our reach; we selected several ‘known hedgehog highways’ and surveyed their numbers  over three months. This has given us some statistics of the population of the hedgehogs in our area. Next spring, in 2020 we intend to to complete the same survey again and to combine it with the feedback from our volunteers to recognize if we have made any difference to hedgehog winter survival rates in the Tameside area.

Data from other similar projects show us that we have a fair chance of helping the hedghog winter survival rate in our area…


Check this page in May 2020 for the full survey!

Alexander S. Howson

Alexander S. Howson is a naturalist and nature writer.

Along with a heavy interest in Aquatics, birds and ecology. Alexander now directs a large deal of energy attempting to re-educate the public about aquatics and promoting the conservation of a range of wildlife species.

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