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Maintaining Aquariums

Aquarium Maintenance 

Aquarium maintenance is a much less arduous task than the care of more demanding more pets. The lack of regular walks and visits to the vet, as well as the ability to leave fish on their own for long periods of time without any serious consequences, make maintaining an aquarium seem attractive. This is particularly true, if you work long hours or have hectic social lives. However to continue to enjoy the pleasures of a well-managed underwater ecosystem, you always must perform regular maintenance. This is ensures that the ecological balance is maintained within your aquarium. Keeping it in great condition.
Maintenance can be broken into three categories of regular tasks which are performed daily, yearly and monthly or bi-monthly.
These are the small tasks that you should undertake every day to ensure that your aquarium functions well.

Daily maintenance will consist of:

  • Check that all the fish look healthy.
  • Checking that the filter and any pumps are working.
  • Feeding all your fish their required foods.
  • Checking that the temperature is correct.
  • Dosing any plant fertilizers or medications.
This is conducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your set-up. You should take into account your stocking density and aquarium type. Most importantly, don’ to add dechlorinator to the new water before placing it into your aquarium.

Periodic maintenance will consist of:

  • performing a 25% water change.
  • Algae wiping all the tank sides.
  • Gently washing the filter media in old aquarium water.
  • Changing/removing any expired carbon filters.
  • Cleaning the outside glass.
  • Testing water quality/parameters.
Finally, annual maintenance includes yearly jobs that make sure your aquarium remains in good working order. It is important that you make a note for when your aquarium lights should be changed. This will depend on what type they are and how you use them. It is best to consult an assistant in your local retailer on this. However we have included it in this annual maintenance checklist, to make sure you don’t forget.

Annual maintenance will consist of

  • Replace any old filter (only applies to certain filters).
  • Clean the impellor in any pumps in the aquarium.
  • Check the stand for any defects.