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How to make your Garden Hedgehog Friendly

Sadly, if you live in one of the many places that isn’t Tameside of Greater Manchester, you’re not eligible for one of our Free Hedgehog Homes. However, although you can’t take part in our Hedgehog drive, you can help the Hedgehogs in your area!

Here are a few simple ways in which you can make your garden hedgehog friendly:


Stop using Pesticides

Pesticides are a regular staple of many gardeners. There easy to use, quick to apply and generally get the job done. However, keeping insects and other vegetation munching animals at bay does come with a cost. Firstly, pesticides drastically reduce the population of insects. This has resulted in hedgehogs having to work harder and harder to find food sources. Secondly, pesticides can occasionally poison mammals and other animals when they eat the insects that have already consumed the pesticides. This makes using them in your garden a double risk and results in it being one of the easiest changes to make to encourage hedgehogs to visit your garden.


Hedgehogs need Highways –

Ever thought how hedgehogs get into your garden? If your garden is completely closed off, the chances of a hedgehog making its way in are slim at best. By providing small 4 inch by 4 inch gaps you and your neighbours can create hedgehog highways which allow them forage, escape predators and find suitable hibernation places.


Don’t trim your vegetation –

Foxes, birds of prey and the domestic cat are all hedgehog killers. One may argues that this is the way of life that nature has bestowed upon them. However, nobody can argue that our short, trimmed lawns and flower beds are the natural environments for these predator pray relationships. Before any hedgehog uses its trademark spines, it will always try to avoid a predator. If your garden is too neat and trim, then the chances are that hedgehogs will avoid it because they don’t’ want risk exposing themselves where there is no cover. Leave you hedgerows messy and you grass longer and watch as hedgehogs start to visit more and more.


For more information on what you can do to make hedgehogs welcome in your garden, check out our other resources.

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Alexander S. Howson is a naturalist and nature writer.

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