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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept guest posts?

Although most content featured on this website is the work of Alexander Howson, we do accept submissions. Before submitting them, please ensure that they are written in a style similar to our other features and that all your information is correct. To submit articles, please use the Contact Us page.

  • Can I use any of your images?

Please contact us for further details. Image usage permissions can vary greatly depending on the intended use of any work featured on this website. See the link for the contact page.

  •  Do you own or claim credit for any photography?

All prints and most of the permanent posts on this site belong to wildlife One and are works by Alexander Howson. However, the blog, news and recurring article pages do occasionally feature photography from stock websites. This is because of the massive amount of content uploaded which, in some cases, we do not have a photo for.

  • You have used an image of mine and I don’t want you to use it.

found one of your images on our site and want it taken down? Please get in touch and we will remove it immediately. Ninety percent of the images that are not our own come from a stock website but in some cases (particularly with endangered species), we must use images from search engines. We endeavour to contact the owners of any photographs we use to ask for their permission. However, occasionally we are unable to contact the owner. If we have still used the image, it is usually because our servers, along with data correlated with search engines, have identified the images as copyright-free, royalty-free and available for use. However, we still respect the original creator’s right to request any removals. w.


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