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Diseases often occur in the home aquarium. When they do, it is our duty as fishkeepers to ensure that the symptoms and actual illness are treated along with the root problem that caused the illness in the first place.

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Fungal infections   Gill Distress    Skin Conditions    Parasites     Eye Issues    Miscellaneous Diseases



When using any of the above charts, caution is always advised. It is also often useful to read more than one area because often symptoms can overlap.

When treating many ailments it is important that you do not only focus on symptoms but on their origins.

It is only after the underlining cause has been determined and fixed can we look at treating the symptoms and the secondary illness that may have manifested in the form of parasitic, bacterial or biological illnesses.

Most commonly, the problem is poor water quality. That is why when a fish becomes ill, it is vital to check all water parameters.

If water quality is found to be at fault, steps should be taken to correct whatever has caused the issue, be it insufficient filtration, an overstocked aquarium, poor fishkeeping habits or any of the many reasons why water quality can deteriorate.

It is also very important to ask other fishkeepers for their opinion.

Two minds are better than one; online forums and your local aquatic retailers can be great resources. Take with you a water sample or water results, along with a picture or video, to help in identifying the problem.

In supplying these charts and diagrams it is hoped that you may have a better understanding of diagnosing and treating diseases.

The ones discussed are the most common ailments and many are, for obvious reason of scope, not mentioned.

However through these examples, you will be able to diagnose and treat a range of illnesses which before might have led to death for many fish.

Most treatment suggestions do not use brands or specific products due to availability throughout the world. Yet, due to the advantages of globalization, some simple googling will most likely offer the best treatments available in your region.



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