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Climate change: 1,000,000 Species to become Extinct

In the entirety of our world’s existence, several cataclysmic events have scorched the earth. Purging the majority of living beings from existence. Many now believe that we are upon the eve of such an event.  Our oil-filled, smog bellowing machines and factories are destroying the natural world, our world. Never in the history of our planet has one single species contributed so much to one of these apocalyptic happenings.  Mankind has plagued the world – Climate change is happening.

For the natural philosopher, one stark reality of climate change is the loss of countless species. Species which have slowly transformed under processes of natural selection, the boundaries of which are unimaginable and impossible to recreate. Once these species are gone, they will not return.   The recent global assessment of the natural world has once again, drawn attention to this fact.  Compiled by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, this three yearlong study has highlighted the real-world impact of our pollution. Over one million species are now believed to be at-risk; with over 25% of the world’s animal and plant life being considered threatened.

Habitat losses are prevalent across the continents, with wetland, forest and grasslands all being slowly suffocated with the continued onslaught of humanity. The authors highlight how the earth’s habitats are being changed for agricultural use. The continued degradation of the earth’s soils, along with the rising populations will obviously dictate the continued expanse but how long can it go on for? When will we as a collective finally consider the scale of the issues we face? Habitat losses, global pollution and the constant growth of populations will mean that we as a species, our world, and those we share it with, will soon face the untold misery of judgement day.

Unless we can change …


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Alexander S. Howson is a naturalist and nature writer.

Along with a heavy interest in Aquatics, birds and ecology. Alexander now directs a large deal of energy attempting to re-educate the public about aquatics and promoting the conservation of a range of wildlife species.

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