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Our Tameside Hedgehog Giveaway 2019!

  Our 2019 Tameside Hedgehog drive is now closed. We successfully distributed over 200 hedgehog homes and circulated over 2,000 information packets. Check back in may 2020 to read the results of the study and how this drive has impacted the hedgehog population of this area! Helping our nations hedgehogs …

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The plight of the Hedgehog

      The plight of the noble hedgehog has been in and out of the public eye for many years. Strangely, for such a creature which is named the European hedgehog and exists around the whole of Europe; the hedgehog is characteristically British. Perhaps this is because so much …

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How to make your Garden Hedgehog Friendly

Sadly, if you live in one of the many places that isn’t Tameside of Greater Manchester, you’re not eligible for one of our Free Hedgehog Homes. However, although you can’t take part in our Hedgehog drive, you can help the Hedgehogs in your area! Here are a few simple ways …

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The European Hedgehog

  From Beatrix Potter’s stories to the nervous family in the Wind in the willows; catching a glimpse of the European hedgehogs always feels like seeing an old friend. This fascinating species of mammal is prevalent over large portions of Europe; ranging from the British Isles, to the Mediterranean islands …

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