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Climate change: 1,000,000 Species to become Extinct

In the entirety of our world’s existence, several cataclysmic events have scorched the earth. Purging the majority of living beings from existence. Many now believe that we are upon the eve of such an event.  Our oil-filled, smog bellowing machines and factories are destroying the natural world, our world. Never …

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The Evolution of Eggs. Pt. 1

When the first amphibians appeared, the land that they were emerging onto was only inhabited by invertebrates.  This unexplored territory would make a safe haven for their young. Particularly, when compared to the trials of an aquatic habitat. However, for early amphibians to deposit eggs out of the water, evolution …

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Stafford Spring Bird Show 2019

Storm Freya is raging across the UK. Yet, she didn’t keep the bird-keeping community away from this springs must see show. The Stafford Spring Bird show is the largest bird-keeping event of the year and once again it proved to be a roaring success. Shows like these are bastions of …

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