Our Hedgehog Mission

Our nations Hedgehog population has been in decline for past few decades. The RSPCA, the hedgehog preservation society and several other bodies are all offering advice, emergency services and aid to our hedgehog population.  This can consist of anything from educational services to caring for sick and injured hedgehogs. These …

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Our Tamside Hedgehog Home Giveaway!

  Helping our nations hedgehogs is an important task and there is a whole variety of changes you can make to your garden to help these intelligent mammals. To discover these tips and easy to follow practices, check out our Helping Hedgehogs pages. However, if you live in the Tameside …

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The plight of the Hedgehog

      The plight of the noble hedgehog has been in and out of the public eye for many years. Strangely, for such a creature which is named the European hedgehog and exists around the whole of Europe; the hedgehog is characteristically British. Perhaps this is because so much …

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